The model is simple.

We want to provide a financial solution to allow our partners to build or expand their cultivation facility while allowing them to maintain autonomy and focus on innovation. In exchange for the financing and ongoing support Cannabis Wheaton receives a small percentage of equity in the streaming partner, as well as the rights to a negotiated cultivation yield. Our model allows our partners to get to market quicker, exceed their growth potential and achieve greater success.

It’s a lot more than just capital.

Cannabis Wheaton’s platform offers additional value to our partners and here’s how:

1. Capital for initial build or expansion.

Accessing capital to expand is not easy in Canada. Cannabis Wheaton provides financing to our partners to either build out their initial facility or to expand their capacity.

2. Access to less dilutive funding.

Our funding model keeps the majority of the equity and autonomy with our partners.

3. Construction management.

Our construction management team serves as a second set of eyes to identify opportunities or potential challenges in the pre-construction phase.

4. Patient growth.

Through our patient service agreements, our partners have access to more than 30,000 ACMPR medical cannabis patients.

5. Brand building expertise.

Brands are much more than a name or symbol, it’s about creating customer loyalty. Our partners have access to top creative talent to push their brands.

6. Legal & financial guidance.

Our partners have direct access to our in-house legal, strategic and financial experts who have experience in all aspects of cannabis-focused transactions.

7. Genetic & cultivation guidance.

Our in-house cultivation expert can provide production technique, plant breeding and strain development support to our partners.

Benefits of our platform.

Future product positioning.

We empower our streaming partners to better understand and reach the growing cannabis market by leveraging our relationships and brand building expertise to place or create brands and products that resonate with customers.

Industry growth by diversity.

We believe there is strength in numbers. We invest and support a wide range of cannabis cultivation companies that make up our roster of streaming partners each with a unique offering, based on their individual leadership teams and expertise, and specialized growing techniques and innovations.

Creating value & upside.

Cannabis Wheaton creates an opportunity for investors to invest in a single source and gain the significant upside potential of investing in multiple licensed producers.

Risk is mitigated through this diversification and the added value created by our experienced management team.

Building the best brands.

Through our industry relationships, we have access to premiere cannabis brands around the globe looking to enter the Canadian market.

The Cannabis Wheaton model allows for brands to have a non-exclusive relationship with a single licensed producer and the flexibility to maximize multiple distribution channels.

“an industry that openly collaborates to raise the competitive bar will drive continued excellence… and everyone benefits from this.”
Buck Young