A unique opportunity.

Cannabis Wheaton creates a unique opportunity to invest in the Canadian cannabis industry through a single source. Cannabis Wheaton investors mitigate risk and gain access to multiple, diversified licensed producers, that are supported by our experienced management team.

The upside of investing in Cannabis Wheaton.

Cannabis Wheaton creates a unique opportunity for investors and here’s how:

1. Access.

Gives the investor exposure to the high growth cannabis sector.

2. Management team.

Made up of industry leading experts dedicated to creating value for our partners and the cannabis industry.

3. Risk diversification.

Through a single investment, investors gain exposure to multiple, geographically diverse cultivators, with a variety of cultivation methods, each having been curated and vetted by Cannabis Wheaton's expert management team.

4. Internal Return Rate.

Average IRR of a Cannabis Wheaton deal is 60+%.

5. High Expected Yield.

Cannabis Wheaton’s expected yield from current streaming partners is 230,000 kg of cannabis annually; more than any Canadian LP’s planned expansion.

6. Customized Provincial Deals.

Cannabis Wheaton’s access to cannabis yields from a diverse group of streaming partners best positions it to participate in anticipated Provincial distribution channels due to the diversity of their product offering and the security of its supply.

7. Commitment.

We are committed to building a vibrant and diverse cannabis industry in a socially responsible way while giving investors great returns.

  • AGM

    Friday June 1st at 2pm

    Bennett Jones.
    One First Canadian Place
    34th floor
    P.O. Box 130
    Toronto, Ontario M5X 1A4

  • Canadian Club Panel Discussion: Cannabis in Canada

    February 12, 2018
    Toronto, Ontario
    Fairmont Royal York
    100 Front Street West


    Hugo Alves, Vahan Ajamian, Brendan Kennedy and George Scorsis, moderated by Andrea Mandel-Campbell

    With the impending legalization of cannabis in Canada this summer, investors have taken a keen interest and the market has responded. Start ups and stalwarts are venturing into this new industry with fanfare and hot numbers. How will the demand compare to current financial projections? Will the uncertainty south of the border effect its buoyancy here in Canada?

  • 2018 Lift Expo Vancouver

    January 13, 2018


    Canada and the Emerging Global Cannabis Industry
    Hear from experts who will discuss the current state of affairs and the potential market regarding cannabis in jurisdictions such as the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, Columbia and Canada. Our panel will compare and contrast where these other countries are at in terms of legislation, regulation and identify what has worked, what hasn’t and where and when current and future challenges/opportunities may arise. Panel: Sarah Bain Vice-President of External Affairs, Cannabis Wheaton Income, Dan Rowland Director of Public Affairs, Department of Excise & Licenses City and County of Denver, Alfredo Pascual International Cannabis Consultant, Blair Gibbs Policy consultant and writer at Volteface. Moderator: Ivan Ross Vrana Vice-president, public affairs at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

  • ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) - Kauai

    December 1-3, 2017
    Kauai, Hawaii


    The Rise of Canadian LP’s and Pu-Co Funds
    We’ll explore Public Markets, and delve into differences between exchanges and advantages relative to private vehicles, for those entrepreneurs considering a go-public strategy, acquisition, or raise from a PubCo. Our panel will feature CEOs from firms with an aggregate market cap north of $1B, who will be sharing their companies’ investment strategies, including North American and International opportunities in Cannabis.

  • growup-cannabis-conference-expo
    Growup Cannabis Conference & Expo

    Scotiabank Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Friday October 6th, 2017
    Investing in Cannabis: Mike Lickver (moderator)
    Starting a Commercial Cannabis Grow Operation: Costs & Considerations: Hugo Alves
    The Chosen Ones: How to Create a Winning License Application: Vladimir Klacar

    Saturday October 7th, 2017
    (PART I) The Legalized Dream vs. Reality-Check Panel: Hugo Alves
    All Over The Map: Making Sense Of Global Marijuana Laws: Mike Lickver (moderator)

  • AltaCorp Capital & ATB Corporate Financial Services 6th Annual Energy, Agriculture & Diversified Conference

    January 10, 2018
    Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto

  • C420 community event

    November 16, 2017
    Las Vegas, Nevada