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Cannabis Wheaton Licensing is an accelerator platform to support exceptional entrepreneurs through all stages of the application process to become licensed producers of cannabis in Canada. We have collectively worked on over 100 applications at each stage of the federal licensing process—from initial submission through to full sales license. Our team works closely with our partners, aiming to help accelerate their businesses to the next level.

“Everyone on the Cannabis Wheaton team is truly grateful for the positive impact that mentorship, collaboration and knowledge transfer has had on our careers. Cannabis Wheaton Licensing is a way to share the team’s collective knowledge with our partners with the ambition of accelerating the innovation and diversity of the industry.”
Chuck Rifici

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Cannabis Wheaton is a collective of experts and partners who are passionate about the cannabis industry and all of the opportunities within it. Our goal is to ensure the future of the industry continues to be diverse, energetic, innovative and prosperous. Be a part of the next generation of Canadian cannabis leaders:

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